Dashboard tool for testing and monitoring websites.
All in one place.

Optimize the way you deploy your web projects and then monitor what's important for improvement.

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Monitorica App Screen
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    Monitoring widgets

    You will be able to monitor specific features of your website within a widget panel. Add the ones that are available to your particular website.

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    Manage all your websites

    Switch between different websites and quickly review their own dashboards and monitoring widgets.

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    Main dashboard

    Review all important aspects of your website in a single page. Update and tweak them as needed.

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    Category pages

    Quickly switch to the specific page of each category to review a more detailed report.


Packed with features

Powerful checklist

Monitorica will become your primary tool for checking your website key features like SEO, performance and much more. Before and after launch!

Monitoring widgets

You will be able to monitor specific features of your website within a widget panel. Get real time results on social media, performance and more!

Manage all your websites

You can add all your websites to Monitorica and have an overview of the critical aspects of each one within your dashboard.

Simple and clean interface

Forget about complex user interfaces, Monitorica is a simple and intuitive way to keep an overview of all your websites.

Cloud based and secure

Our service is hosted in the cloud and secured by SSL encryption so you won’t have to worry about backups or updates.

Growing list of features

We want to learn from our users, so we actively listen to requests for new features to incorporate to Monitorica.

Test your website before launch

Monitorica will give you a precise status of key issues:

  • SEO

    Page title and meta tag analysis, sitemap, robots.txt and more!

  • Usability

    Mobile version, URL length, error page, media queries and more!

  • Performance

    Page compression, page size, cache, speedtest and more!

  • Stats

    Connects to your Google Analytics account for updated stats.

  • Server

    Downtime/uptime, server load, Whois info and more!

  • Social media

    Reviews which social media accounts are present and integrates with them.



Setup monitor widgets

You will be able to monitor specific features of your website after testing and also setup monitors from services that you are already using. Have an overview of key metrics of what's relevant for your business in a single dashboard.


Simplicity and power, all in one tool.

We believe in a digital world where high quality websites play a key role when offering great user experience.

That is why it is so important to test each web project you are launching and then, monitor and measure key aspects in order to correct and improve them further.

This is why Monitorica was born, it’s a web based tool that combines the power of real-time monitoring and testing features in a simple dashboard.

News and updates!

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